Before Sliced White ( Traditional Yeasted Breads )

Course Time        10.0 a.m  —   5. 0 p.m        Course suitable for  up to  6 people .  Cost per group £ 500


Sadly since the arrival of the ‘sliced white ‘ many of our old  traditional bread loaves have disappeared .


With the closure of many small family Bakeries loaves such as  :Plait Loaves  ,  Bloomers ,  Coburgs    , Split Tin , Cottage Loaves  , Farmhouse Tin  ,  Milk Loaf  are now a rarity .


On this course Rick , our baker , will take you back to his baking roots in traditional baking . He  will  share with you the skills of making  some of these old style yeasted breads .  We will bake the breads in our wood fired  brick oven which is the type of oven these breads would have been baked in originally .



This course is very suitable for a group of friends to have fun together experiencing the old ways of baking . Balancing breads on the end of a three metre long bakery peel and getting it into the oven without dropping it can be a lot of fun .


Lunch  tea , coffee , will be provided . You will take home a lot of bread so please bring some large carrier bags or boxes.

To book this course please contact us via our contact page , thanks.