Bread Range

Part White part Wholemeal gives a loaf with a nice soft crumb, with the deep flavour of wheat from the Wholemeal flour .Ingredients;Wheat flour (white);Wheat flour (wholemeal);spring water ;sea salt ; Rye flour ( wholemeal) 
OLIVE BREAD Full of Black Kalamon Olives. Eat with salad for a refreshing sandwich or slice and toast as a pizza base. Ingredients; Wheat Flour (white );spring water ;pitted olives ;sea salt ;Rye flour ( wholemeal )
100% Rye A deep tasting Rye Loaf . Very moist . Keeps for days and days and days when kept in a paper bag in a cool place .  Ingredients ; Rye Flour ( wholemeal );spring water ; sea salt . 
WHOLEMEAL LOAF This loaf is full of wheat flavour with a soft crumb . If you want a real old fashioned bread to accompany your meal or spread with Local honey this is the one. Ingredients ; Wheat flour (wholemeal ) ; spring water ; Rye flour ( wholemeal ) ; sea salt .
WALNUT BREAD The Baker’s favourite . Try with a thin slice of Calon Wen cheese. Awesome . It’s also nice toasted and spread with a good marmalde .Ingredients;Wheat flour (white); spring water; walnut pieces; sea salt ; Rye flour (wholemeal )
Crusty on the outside , light crumb on the inside . A good bread to accompany most meals .Makes good flavour some toast when a few days old or sliced across it’s length makes a good base for a pizza bread .Ingredients ; Wheat Flour ( white ); spring water ; Rye flour ( wholemeal )  sea salt .