Home Baking with Welsh Flour

Using Local Grains .

 Course time :     10.a.m –  3.0.p.m      Course for up to 4 people . Cost per group   £ 280

When we started baking organic bread  here in 2007  there was no organic bread wheat grain grown here in West Wales .   In 2010 Felin Ganol mill organised for some wheat to be planted near Aberystwyth.     In 2011 we were able to make our first breads made from  flour milled from grain grown locally here in West Wales  .

Since then interest in locally grown  grains has increased.     Although quality varies each year as nature has it’s say , it is now  possible, thanks to Felin Ganol , to buy  flour milled and  grown  here in West Wales.





On this course we will use  flour that has been milled by Felin Ganol mill from wheat grain grown here in Wales .

Using the sourdough method of breadmaking we will start by showing you how to make and maintain a sourdough starter.  A starter is simply a fermented  mix of flour and water and replaces the need for the baker’s yeast used in other breads .

During the course day you will mix and shape doughs . You will also practice dough shaping techniques on some dough we made earlier that day and bake this in our domestic oven .

Time is the most important ingredient in bread making and from when you mix your dough until you bake it normally takes about 8-9 hours . As our course time is shorter we will be sending you home with some of the  dough which you have shaped ,  in a baking tin  provided by us , to bake in your home oven.

You will also  take home with you a freshly made sourdough starter along with the  bread which you have baked .

Tea, coffee and sandwiches will be provided .              This course is suitable for all skill levels of breadmaking.


To book this course please contact us via our contact page , thanks.