Naturally Fermented Baking ( Sourdough )

 Course Time  10.a.m  —- 5 . 30 p.m        Course suitable for up to 6 people . Cost per group  £ 500


Naturally Fermented Bread  is much more enjoyable to eat and make  than yeasted bread . It tastes better , digests better, and keeps better . Although it’s not been a traditional way of making bread in the UK , the wheat grain we grow here is ideal for it. Our flour tends to not be very high in protein and lends  itself better  to the more gentle, graceful , slow process of Naturally Fermented Bread making .

Our Course  will teach you  all the skills you need  to make naturally fermented Wheat and Rye  ( sourdough ) breads.  We’ll include instruction in making  Baguette’s, Fruit Brioche and  100% Rye .You’ll bake your breads in our wood fired  masonry oven  , experience the fun of putting dough on the end of a 3 metre peel  into a  2 metre deep hot oven ! Look in the oven 10 minutes later and see how your dough is rising to become  amazing  bread .   

This course can be   good fun for friends or family to enjoy together and at the same time learn the wonder of Sourdough Bread making .

Course includes Lunch , tea and coffee . You will get Sourdough starters to take home along with all the bread you have made ( bring a big box ! ) .The course is suitable for up to 6 people.


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