Bread Courses


Welcome to our  Course Page .

The transformation from mixing Flour,Water and Salt and Baking it to make Bread is Magical

We have made bread professionally and at home for more than 40 years.   For the last 10 years , as a family , we have run our own Woodfired Oven Bakery business. Using Stoneground Flour from small independent mills , we have baked over 250,000 Sourdough Loaves.

We are passionate about Baking . It has brought us great joy and pleasure .

Through our Courses we hope to share with you our passion, skills and knowledge of Breadmaking


Courses Dates to be announced :

  ( Full details of course content  can be found on course page )



Since Covid we no longer offer courses for  individuals but only for Family or Friendship groups . It is important to us to ensure the safety of our participants and we feel with the uncertain future around covid it will be better if people attending our courses were already known to each other , such as Family or a group of friends . We have also found on past courses that groups who know each other tend to have a lot of fun together whilst learning about Bread making .  The course costs below are for the cost for a group :


Home baking with Welsh Flour  : Suitable for a group of 4 people    Cost :   £ 280 per group .

Naturally Fermented Baking ( Sourdough )        Suitable for a group of up to 6 people  Cost:  £ 500 per group .


Before Sliced White  ( Traditional Yeasted Breads)      Suitable for a group of up to 6 people . Cost : £ 500 per group .


 Bakehouse on Tour :                By Arrangement .