Our Breads

Our breads are made using old traditional methods which do not use pre-mixes , flour Improvers ; treatment agents; ripening agents; ascorbic acid; added enzymes ; e-numbered chemicals or added gluten to the flour we use. We do not ask our millers to add any of the above to the flour we use .

We only use stoneground flour from traditional mills . In these mills the grain is ground  between slow moving stones , the resulting flour retaining more of its natural vital vitamins.

Our breads are free of added fat , therefore suitable for vegans .

We never use refrigeration to elongate our bread making process as we consider it to be very energy consuming and will not benefit the bread or help us move toward a greener future world .

Sourdough :

Our sourdough breads are naturally fermented using our own homemade starter made from stoneground flour and spring water . No commercial bakers yeast is added to our sourdough bread .

Time is the most important ingredient in bread making. Each batch of sourdough  bread we make takes 24- 30 Hours from the first mixing through to the finished baked loaf.

We achieve this through active refreshment of our starters and building of the doughs throughout that time. By using this method we ensure that our breads are more digestible and flavoursome.

Traditional Yeasted Bread :

We have noticed a decline in old traditional yeasted baking skills . We will therefore from time to time  offer traditional yeasted breads  made using the old  Craft Baker‘s ‘sponge system’ .

The advantage of the ‘sponge system’ is that it uses a smaller amount of  baker’s yeast than most commercial  modern  yeasted breads .  The yeast is combined with flour and water  in an initial six hour fermentation . This ‘sponge ‘ is then added to the rest of the flour and water , fermented for a further two hours and then baked . The combined long fermentation process creates a loaf which is more digestible than most modern yeasted breads .