The Mills

We only source flour from Traditional Wind and Water mills . These older mills have large mill stones which revolve much slower than many modern electric driven mills and in our opinion this results in better quality Stoneground Flour . Here are the mills we use : 

  Felin Ganol Watermill , a 16th Century water mill reconstruction of which began in 2007 b y the Parry Family .Today Anne and Andy Parry mill a number of different grains including many old varieties .






Maud Foster Windmill  :            

Built in 1819 it’s the tallest working 5 sail mill in the UK . Complete restoration by the Waterfield family between 1987 and 1988 brought the windmill back into working order . Today James Waterfield , a time served miller , mills and produces some very fine flours.


Y Felin Watermill .      

A 12th Century Watermill that has been restored by Michael and Jane Hall . Restoration began in 1980 and involved digging out and re flooding the mill pond . Today Emma , daughter of Mike and Jane  , mills and produces a wide range of flours .