About Us.


                   Our life  together started in 1969. A pleasant young girl from Reading encountered a persistent young man from South London , whilst both participating in the same Educational Volunteer program in Hamburg , Germany.

                    Despite her numerous attempts to send him packing, eventually , at the encouragement of her friends , she agreed to date him.

                                                                        She is still dating him  !!


                                From 1969 - 1993 our journey together has taken many paths. We have worked in children's homes, lived in a number of Communities  and Home Schooled our eight children . We have experienced being part of a Workers Co-operative and opened our own Wholefood shop.

                               Then in 1993 we moved to our present Off Grid home in Wales.


                              On this wet and windy Welsh hillside , we have learned to look after pigs, goats ,chickens  and sheep. We have grown vegetables and planted trees.

                               Not having mains electricity we have , with help in 2003 , installed an Off Grid Wind powered electrical system.


                                            About four years  after we arrived here ,we had another daughter ,Mair. She arrived in this world needing a lot of Love and special care which our family gave her. Mair was with us for twelve and a half wonderful years.

                             We started building , with help , the Bakehouse and Oven in 2006. In 2007 we baked our first breads. Maggie had baked yeasted bread at home and Rick had experienced yeast baking  in Commercial Bakeries. Based on these experiences we initially baked yeasted breads.

                                  We had , a few years earlier , been introduced to Sourdough Bread by Waegn and Annie of Pantri Nolwen who brought the first sourdough breads to our area of Wales. As we began to build our oven we found ourselves in conversation on the internet with Bakers in Australia and America who were baking Sourdough Bread in wood fired ovens.

                        Then in 2007 , after attending an event organised by Mick Hartley of Bethesda Bakers in North Wales and meeting others beginning to experiment with Sourdough Bread , we were hooked , Sourdough was the way forward !!  Within a few years we began concentrating on producing only Sourdough Breads and Pastries.



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