Using Local Grains

Using Local Grains .    11.a.m –  4.0.p.m      Cost   £ 60. 00

When we started baking here in 2007  there was no Organic wheat grain available here in West Wales .In 2010 Felin Ganol mill organised for some wheat to be planted near Aberystwyth. In 2011 we were able to make our first breads made from truly Local Grain. Since then interest in Locally grown organic  grains has increased.  Although quality varies each year as nature has it’s say , it is now  possible, thanks to Felin Ganol , to buy organic flour grown and milled here in West Wales.


On this course we will use Wheat Grain grown near Aberystwyth in Ceredigion and Trelech in Carmarthenshire.  We will also use some ‘UK’ local grain from Hertfordshire to demonstrate how blending flour from different areas can produce interesting breads. All the flour we use has been  milled at Felin Ganol