Baking Together at Corris Forest School

                              Our Bread Journey .

We have both been baking on and off for most of the time we've been together , nearly 50  years. In that time

Maggie has provided bread for our large family. Rick has since the mid 70's gained baking experience through working in a number of small commercial bakeries.

For the past 10 years Rick and Maggie have worked together developing a range of Natural Fermented Breads and Pastries specifically using just  100 % Stoneground Organic Flour  milled in small independent naturally powered mills.

We were very lucky to have access from 2010 to some local  Welsh  grown grain which had some challenging characteristics'  which lead us to develop a number of loaves designed to cope with these characteristics . Our greatest pleasure was during 2011-2012 to be able to use flour grown and milled locally as the sole flour in our Wholemeal Loaf . It had great taste and was very useable in the Bakery.

Learning to use Flour which most Bakers would regard as non- bread quality has helped us as Bakers to expand our knowledge of Flour use , which we feel in the changing climatic conditions of today will be knowledge needed in future years to come .

Since we started our bakery in 2007 we have along with part time help from some of our family and with the help of our wood fired oven baked in excess of 10,000 vegetable pasties and 250,000 Sourdough loaves.

We hope our knowledge and experiences of Bread making will be useful to you to help you develop your own Journey with Bread, we look forward to meeting you,

Rick and Maggie


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