Our Breads are all registered Organic and made with Organic Stoneground Flour .We only use flour from small independant mills which are either powered by wind or water. The grain used by these mills is for most of the year ( whilst stocks last ) UK grown. When it is available we use WELSH grown wheat in some breads.


All our  Breads are Naturally Fermented using our own homemade  Leaven of Flour and Water.


White Cob 800g / Poppy Seed Baton 600g / White Batard 400g


Crusty on the outside , light open crumb on the inside.A good bread to accompany most meals. If you have any left after a couple of day's it makes amazing toast which really brings out the breads' flavour. Also , sliced across it's length this loaf makes a good base for a pizza bread.




The Poppy Seeded Baton sliced thinly , layered with CALON WEN mature cheese , topped with salad leaves, tomatoes and a good home made pickle will give you an awesome Ploughmans sandwich.  



COUNTRY RYE 800g / 400g



Slight 'tang' due to high Leaven content, but also a very digestable loaf . Tight crumb.Keeps well.For people wanting a Rye type bread but without the strong taste of Rye this is a good alternative.





Made with a combination of Stoneground White Flour and Stoneground Wholemeal Flour gives a loaf with a nice soft crumb ,moist, and having the deep flavour of wheat from the wholemeal flour.           We refer to this loaf as the ABERYSTWYTH loaf as it is one of the breads in which  we first used locally grown and milled wheat from ABERYSTWYTH.


WHOLEMEAL   800g/400g 




This loaf is full of wheat flavour.It has a nice soft close crumb . It  keeps well.If you want 'real old fashioned bread' to accompany your meal or spread with some local honey, this is the one.When it's available it is make with WELSH wheat and tastes amazing !!


SPELT.    600g



Some people describe Spelt as having a nutty taste. It is a similar loaf to the Wholemeal.Spelt has become popular as being a 'healthier' bread. This being due mainly to the strands of gluten in the bread being different to that in other wheats Spelt is wheat .It is much more expensive than other wheats as it is more difficult to harvest and mill.


100% RYE LOAF  400g ( tinnedshape )



A deep tasting Rye loaf. Very moist. Keeps for days and days and days when kept in a paper bag in a cool place.






 Full of Black Kalamon  Olives.Eat with salad for a refreshing sandwich or slice and toast as a pizza base




A Baker's Favourite .Try some with a thin slice of HAFOD cheese .Awesome.   It is also nice toasted and spread with CALON WEN butter and  a good homemade marmalde





This loaf is soft and moist and is ideal for eating with a salad






This loaf is based on a receipe told us by a good friend from Belgian.It is packed with raisins and sultanas, slices thinly and is not over sweet. It is good with cheese .



Caramelised Onion and Garlic/ Wild Garlic   ( 400g )

Sorry no picture yet.


Early in the year we flavour this bread with wild garlic picked fresh from our garden. It gives a wonderful hint of Garlic without being overpowering.







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