Home Delivery   

        Telephone between 5 p.m and 7.p.m on a Monday or e-mail or text by 7p.m on a Monday for delivery on Wednesday.

  Telephone :   01559 370082     Text : 07443 596651

    E-mail    :   mairsbakehouse@btinternet.com

   We  make our Home Deliveries late afternoon/ early evening on Wednesday  in the following areas.

Borth,  Aberystwyth,  Aberaeron , Lampeter , Llandysul , Newcastle Emyln



      Home Delivery can sometimes be a challenge as  Rick found out a few winters ago !  

( Should say  that his daughters , not in the picture , also helped with the basket carrying )

Sadly with Climate Change we are seeing more wind and rain now than snow .

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