Beginning to Bake

Beginning to Bake  . –  4.0p.m         Cost   £ 70.00



On this course we will teach you all you need to know to confidently made your own ‘ Daily Loaf ‘ at home .

As you will be learning the ‘ Sourdough ‘ method of Bread making we will start by showing you how to make and maintain a Sourdough Starter . The starter is simply a mix of Flour and Water and it replaces the need for using baking yeast . As we hand mix some flour, water and salt into a dough you will experience in your hands the  texture changes the mix goes through before becoming Dough . Once the Dough has ‘rested’  we will guide you through a couple of basic moulding/shaping techniques to prepare your dough to be placed in a baking tin .

The most important ingredient in Good Bread making is time . From mixing your dough to Baking your bread takes about 8- 9 Hours. Don’t be put off by this , the wait is worth it ! Also the ‘Sourdough ‘ method is made up of a number of small time slots where you are actively involved with your Bread making  ,leaving you large slots of time in between to do other things of interest. We will look together at how you can best  fit this Bread making method into your daily life .

As the course is only about 5 hours long we will ask you to take the dough you have shaped home with you to bake that evening in your oven . You will be provided with a tin and suitable container to transport your ‘Loaf ‘ home.

So you have some Fresh bread to take home and to give us the opportunity to guide you through the final stage of Bread Making , Baking , we will bake, in our domestic oven , some bread from dough made earlier in the day , which you will have practiced your  shaping techniques on .

Tea , Coffee  and sandwiches will be provided during the day . You will take home some Freshly baked bread along with  your starter  to make bread in the following week . You will also  have  some dough in a tin ready to bake that evening.

We want to encourage you to continue to bake and will be providing you with a basic bread making  ‘kit’ to help you get started .( Bread tin, Dough Scraper, Mixing spoon, Starter pot , Proving Container )

Looking forward to Baking with you

Rick and Maggie